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 Whiffle/Wiffle Ball

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PostSubject: Whiffle/Wiffle Ball   16th May 2009, 10:01 pm

OK I started researching what we need to do to put together a Wiffle/Whiffle Ball Game.

Mursok will contact Starfleet and try and get them to form a team. They just need 5 people!

Full teams consist of 5 players on the field and hitting. Team Name for us the Fighting Targs. Hopefully Starfleet will go with Red Shirts... LOL... if they will not play we can challenge someone else...

I will read through the rules I found Official Wiffle rules will be the basic rules. But I also found some variants that might be good to add.

I will pull the best parts from all and get the rules together: I favor the original Wiffle rules as it allows a more varied pitching style.

Hey we can even do a night game if we want... as they make glow lite Wiffle Balls! How cool is that! I think it would be fun to spray paint the bats wild and spacy too... maybe glow in the dark paint? or silver paint?

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Whiffle/Wiffle Ball
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